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What to know about your bathroom vanity

The bathroom vanity is a centerpiece in your bathroom for many reasons. It's an excellent choice for visual appeal but caters to the practicality of the space as well. And you'll love the many options you have for this one product.

Vanities can take on any number of components you need for your bathroom. So, the personalization options are perfect. However, if you need more information as you begin your remodel, here are some facts to help.

Is it vanity, or is it a sink? What's the difference?

A sink can be a simple, free-standing unit with no added features. A bathroom vanity with a sink can include many options and is noted for extra storage potential. Homeowners can add extensive characteristics to get the service and attributes they need.

A vanity includes cabinetry, lighting, open shelving, and much more. It's a great way to get a sink's functionality with a cabinet's storage capacity. From there, you can layer on personalizations that work for you.

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Which materials are best for the bathroom vanity?

You'll find a wide variety of materials that can work in this room. But it's important to consider your needs for single or double sink vanities before finalizing your choices. In addition, the materials you choose should be at least water resistant.

Other features that could be important to you include heat and stain resistance. But you might also want the longest possible lifespan. So, be sure to tell us your most necessary elements when you shop.

Installing the vanity and additions

The process can be quick if the vanity is the only installation and requires unique features. Most average installations take between six and eight hours. But we'll give you an accurate installation estimate once you choose your materials for the perfect bathroom vanity.

If you have any questions about the process, be sure to ask. We'll be happy to share installation details and more. We can help you create the space you've always wanted for any size project.
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